Consultations in Strategy Planning Architecture

Add Our Insight To Your Team

Kopple.aia is an architect for architects. In other words, we are consultants who are architects.

Kopple.aia provides experienced consulting to:

  • architectural firms
  • engineering firms
  • project sponsors
  • developers
  • owners

Kopple.aia can be your trusted advisor:

  • Writing and planning responses to RFP’s
  • Architectural/engineering firm client presentations or proposals in response to RFP’s
  • Adding our experience to your team for specialized types of projects
  • Providing architectural or construction oversight
  • Assisting in planning and implementing design projects
  • Guidance regarding the human resources needed for a profitable project
  • Firm financial and management insight
  • Providing a second opinion on project strategies and plans

Areas of expertise include:

  • transportation,
  • terminals/stations,
  • office buildings,
  • historical restoration,
  • urban planning,

Tap into our successful experience winning, planning, designing, and implementing important projects.  We will enhance your team, help you plan or strategize, or simply put another pair of experienced eyes on a project.

Our clients are located throughout the United States (USA), with our headquarters in the greater Philadelphia Metropolitan area.

Discover how Kopple.aia will make the difference in your business. To schedule your initial consultation, please email: